This art history survey class follows chronologically from a humanistic view. Special attention is paid to critical thinking skills as students develop ability to analyze works of art from across time and cultures. Lectures and assignments cover the history of Western art from the Aegean period through the present. Field trips are scheduled as frequently as possible so we may personally experience works of art.

(Note: Course outline may change; changes may be announced in class, on website, or via email announcement. It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of these changes! All readings are to be completed by the first class period after which they are assigned. All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due dates)

CLASS 1 (9 January)

-Syllabus, course outcomes
-Research Paper (due Class 15)
-Collaborative Project (due Class 8)
-Analyzing a Work of Art:
-Basic elements in a work of art
-What to look for in an artwork to understand its meaning
-The importance of media/materials to the analysis of an art work

Homework due 16 January
1. Read Chapters 31 and 32 and...
* Chapter 31 PowerPoint Presentation
* Chapter 32 PowerPoint Presentation

2. Look for ideas for your research paper at: www.artcyclopedia.com. Look at Social Realism, Photorealism, Fantasy Art, Fluxus, Abstract Expressionism, Postmodernism, and whatever interests you from this time. Expand your knowledge: view the work of artists you do not know.

3. Determine what art movement from Chapters 31 or 32 you will research. Look at artists active in the movement and how their work/style/philosophy relates in some way to your ar¬tistic/personal/social/ career concerns. Find information on the Internet and in our school library. From your reading and interest, choose one artist and his/her movement. Perform research, and answer the following:
-What was going on in the world when they were producing their work?
-What was going on in the country where your artist was working?
-How did world and regional events influence their work?
-How did technology influence their work?
-What concerns do you share with this artist?
-Why are you interested in studying this artist and/or the movement in which they were working? Write the answers to these questions and the name of the artist and movement you would like to study for your Personal Project. Submit this information via email to donnastepien@me.com by noon Monday 23 January. This assignment counts as your grade for Quiz 1.

4. Quiz 1 (Quiz 1 is #3, above)

CLASS 2 (16 January)
-Writing an expository paper:
-How to formulate a Thesis Question
-How and where to find information (primary and secondary research)
-How to integrate research with your own conclusions
-How to avoid plagiarism
-How to write a Bibliography

Homework due 23 January
1. Read Chapters 4,5, 6

2. Submit a preliminary Bibliography—in MLA Format—for your paper. Include three books as well as magazine and Internet articles, personal interviews, etc…

3. Submit your Thesis Question via email: "smith_thesisquestion"

4. Quiz 2 (Quiz 2 is your Research Paper Thesis Question and Bibliography)

CLASS 3 (23 January) Chapters 4,5,6
-Ancient Greek, Etruscan and Roman Art (pdf)
-Ancient Greek, Etruscan and Roman Art (power point)

Homework due 30 January
1. Read Chapters 14,15

2. Read: “The Dustbin of Art History (pdf)”

3. Quiz 3 (Chapters 4,5 6 and class discussions/other assigned material)

CLASS 4 (30 January) Chapters 14,15
-Early Medieval and Romanesque Art in Europe (pdf)

-Early Medieval and Romanesque Art in Europe (power point)

Homework due 6 February

1. Read Chapter 16

2. Quiz 4 (Chapters 14,15)

CLASS 5 (6 February) Chapter 16
-Gothic Art of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries (pdf)

-Gothic Art of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries (power point)

Homework due 13 February
1. Read Chapter 17 (for 20 Feb, Class 7)

2. Quiz 5 (Chapter 16)

Class 6 (13 February NOTE TIME and MEETING PLACE CHANGE: 4PM!!!!)
Field Trip to Dartmouth College lecture: Class will meet at 105 Dartmouth Hall
"Making Trouble with the Guerrilla Girls."

Homework due 20 February
1. Read Chapter 17

2. Quiz 6 (related to Guerrilla Girls Lecture)

CLASS 7 (20 February) Chapter 17
Fourteenth-Century Art in Europe (Early Renaissance Art) (pdf)

Fourteenth-Century Art in Europe (Early Renaissance Art) (ppt)

Copy-paste to go to the following websites:
http: //collegerelations.vassar.edu/2006/2319/

Homework Due 27 February
1. Read Chapter 18

2. Quiz 7 (Chapter 17)

3. Quiz: Guerrilla Girl Lecture

Class 8 (27 February) Chapter 18
-Fifteenth Century Art in Northern Europe (pdf)
-Fifteenth Century Art in Northern Europe (ppt)

Homework due 5 March
1. Read Chapter 19

2. Quiz 8 (Chapter 18)

CLASS 9 (5 March) Chapter 19
-Renaissance Art in Fifteenth Century Italy (pdf)
-Renaissance Art in Fifteenth Century Italy (ppt)

Homework due 12 March
1. Read Chapters 20,21

2. Quiz 9 (Chapter 19)

CLASS 10 (12 March) Chapters 20,21
-Sixteenth Century Art in Italy, Northern Europe and The Iberian Peninsula

Homework due 19 March
1. Read Chapter 22

2. Quiz 10 (Chapters 20,21)

CLASS 11 (19 March) Chapter 22
-Seventeenth Century Art in Europe (pdf)
- Seventeenth Century Art in Europe (ppt)

Homework due 26 March
1. Read Chapter 29

2. Quiz 11 (Chapter 22)

CLASS 12 (26 March) Chapter 29, lecture 1
-Eighteenth an Early Nineteenth Century Art in Europe and North America, part 1 (pdf)

-Eighteenth an Early Nineteenth Century Art in Europe and North America, part 1 (ppt)

Homework due 2 April
1. Read Chapter 30

2. Quiz 12 (Chapter 29)

CLASS 13 (2 April) Chapter 29, lecture 2 and Chapter 30
Chapter 29:
-Eighteenth an Early Nineteenth Century Art in Europe and North America, part 2 (pdf)
-Eighteenth an Early Nineteenth Century Art in Europe and North America, part 2 (ppt)

Chapter 30:
-Mid-to-Late Nineteenth Century Art in Europe and the United States

Homework due 9 April
1. Read Chapters 31,32

2. Quiz 13 (Chapter 30)

CLASS 14 (9 April) Chapters 31,32
-Review/re-cap from Classes 1 and 2: Modern Art in Europe and the Americas, 1900–1950 and The International Scene Since 1950

Homework due 16 April

1. Quiz 14 (Chapters 31,32)
2. Completed Personal Project

CLASS 15 (16 April)
-Personal Project Presentations

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